Anti Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

 Uhmmm.. this one is a hit. When I first tried it, it felt like walking yourself into the lion's den in a zoo. Gosh! I quietly sat in the midst of obvious mosquito gathering one evening very conscious of their activities but with this wonder bracelet on. You will be shocked to know that no mosquito came around my upper self. I guess I would say with all honestly that if you were to be in a really infested area as I tried to place myself in, you may need to use one on any one ankle and the other on your wrist.. that should protect your whole body! It is really really nice and effective, no chemical inhaling, no need for drugs...just this fashionable bracelet.

However, I would advice that proper disinfecting should be done in a densely mosquito filled area with a good anti mosquito spray. This bracelet will better serve for emergency locations outside the house at night or mildly infested places.

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