How To Buy Here on Bissy I Need This.. Fast!

 To place orders here on Bissy I Need This.. Fast! is the simplest way I can imagine anyone buying anything online today. Let me show you

Be Mindful of Our Location!

We only serve people resident or available to collect in Akure city ONLY for now. This information will get updated as we spread out. So, if you are not going to be able to pick up or get delivered to here.. don't bother. Just bookmark our page and come back when you can

BUT if you are within this axis (Akure South and North, Ondo state)... Yeah... let's talk luxurious hacks!

See what you want? Place the order.

Yes, pretty basic. Fill in all requested details to be able to reach out to you immediately. We do deliveries within a day of order,so no long thing. If you can't wait, you can just walk up to our store and pickup up your items by choosing the Pickup option with online payment and you will even get a N100 bonus for doing that. Ain't we nice?..

If you picked 'Delivery'.

Take strong note of the date and time you selected. Typically, we strive to work with your chosen schedule and you should be available to take delivery at the time. If you miss your delivery, you will have to come to our store to pick up your item despite that you paid for delivery. 

To avoid this inconvenience, pick a time you can be there and be there. 

No African time on this, strictly busybissy time.

* We are very meticulous about the products we offer and also assures you of a secure payment system via Paystack and Ecwid platforms. No games.

* We would be launching interesting bonuses as we go on and see the patronage of the amazing people of Akure.. Till then, keep ordering and enjoying the simple hacks we have helped you access very fast.

Thank you for considering buying from us!

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